Welcome to Flair for Signs

Yes, Real signwriters do exist, Martin Boyle & his team can use brushes. So if you want hand painted signs, you can have them.

Sick of being told it can’t be done, well it can. Some of those old ghost signs you see in the city on the sides of building’s can be 100 years old, Good value. Martin Boyle aims to produce an enamel sign that will last 7 years and after that time you can re-signwrite over the top again, some of Martin's signs are on their third life.

Flair for signs is a complete sign service all of our staff are qualified tradesmen with traditional sign writing backgrounds, some of the more senior signwriters pre-date sign computers and it is amazing to see what they can do with a brush. We specialize in any area of signwriting that requires old fashion skills like Painted Sign Backgrounds, Brush Painted Lettering, Gold Leaf Lettering, Gilding, Airbrushing all of which we teach in our signwriting classes.

We sign write with Day-glo/Fluro Paint, Water Base Paint, Enamel Paint, Chalk & Pastel.

Our mission statement is to not let the trade that we are so passionate about become a distant memory and a lost art form. Your sign will probably mean more to us than you, so you know it will be perfect.

Traditional Sign writing Classes:

We are running Traditional signwriting classes for Beginners, Artists or signwriters who haven’t had the opportunity to do any brushwork. Classes are held by Martin Boyle who has been signwriting for 30 years. 



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